In 1995 our founders started a small internet company which hosted websites, offered high speed internet, wireless point to point internet, and many other internet based services.

As business progressed the next logical step was to offer voice services and they began to develop their internet based voice company called OneCentLD. This company originally offered calling card services and during a 2 year period developed a full service internet based business phone service.

We called the product UnlimitedPBX as we offer VoIP differently then most other companies on the market. Our plans are not sold by lines but in bundles of minutes which allow you unlimited number of phone lines (only limited by your internet speed) calling to North America and 50 countries all within the bundle. This gives you a “Pay as you Go” approach therefore saving you money. We regularly save our customers an average of 50% over their existing service.

For decades PBX’s have been costly to implement with limited scalability. Due to heavy hardware and implementation costs of traditional PBX and de-fragmentation of the corporate landscape, traditional PBX systems will become obsolete. They will be replaced by virtual switching services empowering companies to implement telecommunications strategies that fit their needs independent of their location.
If you are a new company, moving or are just ready to upgrade call us to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself how our many features can help with your corporate bottom line. Don’t re-install your OLD phone system and pay the phone company lots of money to move your lines without speaking to us first.

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada UnlimitedPBX® is a Communications Service Provider pioneer. UnlimitedPBX® provides PBX and telephony services empowering companies to implement enterprise level PBX solutions without the high costs of equipment or service maintenance contracts.