We offer a white labeled cloud based PBX system for businesses of any size.  This is only dependent on the internet connection available to the client. We are here to be your 2nd level and we will train you on all aspects of the system and what it can do for you and your clients.

It’s easier than you think!  Sign up the client, submit the client info to our office so we can activate the customer on your account. Then you configure the phone numbers, extensions and routing on the portal. Each phones MAC address is assigned to an extension you created and when you plug it into the internet it contacts the server and programs itself. Its really simple….   really!!!

We can provide an SSL (https://pbx.yourcompany.com) secure web portal for your administrators and customers to access.

We can bill your customers directly and we have a wholesale plan that will fit your business model either paying you up front or residuals monthly.Residuals available are from 5-15% and bonuses may also be available.

contacts sales for more info